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A New Era in Sports and Finance: Engage with Athletes and Generate Yield with Legend Pools

Introducing $LEGEND

Dive into the $LEGEND Token Universe

Welcome to $LEGEND, where the worlds of sports and finance collide to create a unique ecosystem.

Engage directly with your favorite athletes, earn rewards through gamified staking, and be a part of a passionate community that values both utility and purposeful engagement.


Reward athletes for competing and onboarding their fans into our ecosystem.
Voting rights in key decisions like application of our Sports Promotion Fund.
Enhanced fan engagement activities
Exclusive discount on merchandise and drops
Club legend, staking and more

Engage in sports events through our gamified staking system. Predict outcomes, stake $LEGEND tokens, and earn rewards. Whether you’re actively predicting or passively staking, our platform offers flexible options for you to choose.

Gamified Staking

We craft unique and top-quality digital trophies, medals and certificates of participation for Sports Federations and Competition Organizers.

Legend Factory

Trusted by global sports leaders

+ 65,000 athletes ONBOARDED

+ 1,000,000 fans REACH

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Digital NFT trophies and medals delivered to athletes and clubs   Digital NFT trophies and medals delivered to athletes and clubs
+10.000 +10.000
+10.000 +10.000
Digital NFT trophies and medals delivered to athletes and clubs   Digital NFT trophies and medals delivered to athletes and clubs

Legend Museum

The digital gallery where the awards are celebrated. Showcase your hard-won medals and trophies in a unique digital space, accessible worldwide whenever you want.

Discover the museum

Legend Market

Legend Market is transforming how sports awards are celebrated and shared. The Marketplace allow athletes to generate new revenue streams, while fans obtain exclusive benefits and rewards.

Obtain OFFICIAL NFT trophies and digital assets, certified by top sports federations and leagues.

Connect with your favorite athletes by acquiring fragments of digital trophies or assets.

Access exclusive multimedia content embedded in the trophies, like personal footage from an athlete's cell phone.

Spot rising sports stars early on and enjoy being part of their journey from the start!

Own a piece of story!

Join $LEGEND Today! Start engaging with your favorite athletes, predict outcomes, and earn rewards.

Be a part of the future of sports and finance.

Legend Ecosystem is...



Win stunning digital trophies to commemorate victories.
Preserve and showcase your career highlights with a collection of personalized digital assets.
Secure proof of performance with statistics from a season or individual matches/competitions.
Carry and display your achievements on your smartphone.
Share your success with fans and followers.
Unlock new avenues for revenue generation.
Unlock new avenues for revenue generation.
Participate in gamified staking challenges to engage with your fans and earn rewards.
Utilize the Legend platform to connect with sponsors and brands for new opportunities.


Federations, leagues, and organizers

Unlock new revenue opportunities.
Engage and inspire athletes and fans alike.
Expand brand sponsorship opportunities.
Step into the sports digital world for broader engagement.
Deliver enhanced utility to fans and athletes.
Opt for sustainable and environmentally friendly awards.
Cut down on production and logistics costs.
Connect with fresh, new audiences. Utilize LegendPools to generate yield and support community-driven initiatives.
Utilize LegendPools to generate yield and support community-driven initiatives.



Enjoy exclusive discounts on merchandise and unique experiences.
Stake $LEGEND to generate more $LEGEND.
Participate in important decision-making processes.
Collect and own fragments of official sport trophies and medals.
Engage in gamified staking challenges to predict sports outcomes and earn rewards.
Interact directly with your favorite athletes through the platform.
Join livestream chat rooms to connect with fellow fans and athletes during events.
Copy-stake top predictors and maximize your chances of winning.